9 Tried and Tested Best Beers For Michelada

9 Tried and Tested Best Beers For Michelada
Picture Credits: Full Sail Brewing Co.

The michelada, a popular brunch cocktail with origins in Mexico has been gaining popularity worldwide in recent years. This bubbly version of the classic Bloody Mary is made with beer instead of vodka, giving it an unique twist. The key ingredients of a classic michelada include tomato juice, spices, lime, and of course beer. The choice of beer is crucial in determining the overall flavor and balance of the drink. In this guide we will explore the best beers to use for micheladas, taking into account their flavor profiles and how they complement the other ingredients.

The Importance of Beer Selection in Michelada

When it comes to selecting the beer for a michelada there are factors to consider. The taste, bitterness and aroma of the beer should blend harmoniously with the ingredients to create a rounded and delightful drink. Various types of beer such as lagers, wheat beers and IPAs offer characteristics that can contribute to a michelada. For instance a light lager can provide an refreshing foundation while a wheat beer adds a hint of citrusy sweetness. It's about achieving the balance and enhancing the overall flavor profile of the michelada.

Top Picks for the Best Beer for Michelada

1. Pacifico Clara

Originating in Mexico, Pacifico Clara is a beer infused with jalapeno that brings a kick to a michelada. It has a fullness. It goes perfectly with salt and lime. With its hints of grassiness and breadiness, Pacifico Clara perfectly complements the tanginess of tomato juice in a michelada resulting in an flavorsome cocktail.

2. Corona Familiar

Corona Familiar is a mild and crisp Mexican lager that provides an excellent base for a michelada. Its light and refreshing taste, combined with fresh lime juice and salt, create a crisp and light cocktail that is perfect for hot weather. Corona Familiar is a popular choice among beer enthusiasts and pairs well with chicken and nuts.

3. XX Beer

XX Beer which is also referred to as Dos Equis is a lager renowned for its smooth taste and malt forward profile. Its subtle hints of pepper lend themselves well to being included in a michelada. By combining XX Beer with tomato juice, lime and various spices you can create a delicious cocktail that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

4. Negra Modelo

Negra Modelo, a dark lager adds a richness and bold taste to a michelada. Its caramel and malt undertones bring depth and intricacy to the cocktail. While Negra Modelo may not be the most desirable option for a michelada but it provides a variation that beer aficionados will surely enjoy.

5. Cerveza Sol

Cerveza Sol has n light consistency along with a hint of citrus in its taste. It goes well when combined with the michelada mix making it an ideal choice for a refreshing summer cocktail. If you add some tomato juice to Cerveza Sol you'll end up with a michelada that's perfect to cool down on a scorching day.

6. Shiner's Black Lager

Shiners Black Lager, a craft beer, is known for its flavorful characteristics. With its malt notes and velvety smooth aftertaste it's an option to consider for a delicious michelada. The complexity that Shiners Black Lager brings to the cocktail elevates the experience making it a preferred choice among those seeking a bolder and robust michelada adventure.

7. Interboro Finest Light Lager

The Interboro Finest Light Lager is a lager inspired by brewing traditions offering a light taste. It's easy drinking nature and refreshing qualities make it an ideal choice as a foundation for a michelada. The beers lively and crisp flavor perfectly complements the spices and lime resulting in an delightful cocktail experience.

8. Borderland Brewing Co. Viejo Pueblo

Viejo Pueblo, crafted by Borderland Brewing Co. is a lager inspired by traditions that delivers an refreshing drinking experience. With its texture and understated taste profile, it perfectly complements the michelada. Blending harmoniously with tomato juice, lime and a medley of spices Viejo Pueblo concocts a revitalizing and delectable cocktail.

9. Modelo Especial

Modelo Especial is a lager with a robust flavor. It's adaptability makes it perfect, for savoring a range of tastes and seasonings in a michelada. When combined with spices, sauces and juices Modelo Especial creates an delicious cocktail that is bound to leave a lasting impression.


Can I use any type of beer for a michelada?

When it comes to micheladas you have the options like lagers but don't be afraid to get creative and try different beer styles to put your own spin on the cocktail. The important thing is to find a beer that mixes well with the ingredients and brings out the flavors of the michelada.

Can I make a non-alcoholic michelada?

Definitely! Non-alcoholic micheladas, which are also called virgin micheladas are a fantastic choice. Just swap out the beer for a alcoholic alternative like non alcoholic beer or a fizzy drink such, as ginger ale or club soda.

Are there any other variations of micheladas?

Certainly there are types of micheladas each with its distinct touch. You can explore flavors and ingredients to discover your blend of mango micheladas, spicy micheladas or even micheladas infused with different fruit juices.


  1. Pacifico Clara

2 . Corona Familiar

3 . XX Beer

4 . Negra Modelo

5 . Cerveza Sol

6 . Shiner's Black Lager

7 . Interboro Finest Light Lager

8 . Borderland Brewing Co. Viejo Pueblo

9 . Modelo Especial

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