6 Best Japanese Gin Brands That You Should Try Right Now

6 Best Japanese Gin Brands That You Should Try Right Now

Is it just me, or does Japan seem to have a knack for taking anything and turning it into a fine art? They've done it with tea, they've done it with sushi, and now, they're doing it with gin! I'm not just talking about any gin, though—I'm talking about Japanese gin, which is like the cool, sophisticated cousin of the traditional gin we all know.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "But isn't gin just gin?" Oh, if only it were that simple. Japanese gin is this magical concoction that marries the familiar juniper-infused spirit with a bouquet of botanicals straight out of a serene Japanese garden. We're talking yuzu that'll make your taste buds dance, sakura flowers that are a love letter to spring, and even sansho pepper that adds just the right amount of zing!

But you're not here to just listen to me wax poetic about gin—you want the lowdown on the best Japanese gin brands to try, right? Well, buckle up, because I'm about to introduce you to six brands that are so good, they'll have you saying "kanpai" in no time!

Best Japanese Gin Brands

1. Roku Gin

First up, let's chat about Roku Gin. You know when you find a gin that's just chef's kiss perfect in a G&T? That's Roku for you. Six botanicals, one for each letter in the word "smooth" (okay, not really, but go with it), and a flavor that's as fruity and floral as a spring day in Kyoto.

2. Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin

Then there's Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin, which is like the artisanal, handcrafted gin of your dreams. It's got a green tea kick that'll make you feel like you're sipping your way through a tea ceremony.

3. Nikka Coffey Gin

Nikka Coffey Gin is the rebel in the lineup, made in a still usually reserved for whiskey. If you're all about that citrus life, this gin will be your new BFF.

4. Etsu Gin

Etsu Gin is for those of you who like a little spice to shake things up. It's got that peppery kick that's just mwah perfect.

5. Kyoto Distillery Ki No Tea Gin

Ki No Tea Gin is where things get real fancy. Imagine your favorite tea, but make it gin. It's a high-class cocktail in a bottle.

6. Sakurao Gin

And finally, Sakurao Gin is the wildcard, with a hint of oceanic brine that's as intriguing as it sounds. It's like sipping on the essence of Hiroshima itself.

So, what's the best way to enjoy these gins?

In a cocktail, on the rocks, with a splash of tonic? The answer, my friends, is however you like. But trust me, with gins like these, you'll want to savor every drop.

My two cents?

Whether you're a gin newbie or a seasoned sipper, these six Japanese gins are a must-try. They're not just spirits; they're an adventure in a glass. So next time you're looking for a drink with a little je ne sais quoi, give one of these a pour. You won't regret it.

Cheers to the gin journey ahead! 🥂✨