6 Best Japanese Gin Brands That You Should Try Right Now

6 Best Japanese Gin Brands That You Should Try Right Now

When it comes to beverages, Japan has made a name for itself with its whiskey. However in times Japanese gin has also gained popularity worldwide. What sets gin apart is its use of traditional botanicals infused with a touch of Japanese influence. If you're curious about Japanese gin then this blog post is what you need.

Here we'll address some asked questions about gin to help you develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for this extraordinary spirit. Furthermore we'll introduce the 6 brands of Japanese gin that you should definitely consider trying out now.

What is Japanese Gin, and how is it different from traditional gin?

Japanese gin has become increasingly popular in the recent decades, adding a fresh twist to the world of gin. This distilled spirit incorporates gin ingredients such as juniper, coriander seeds and angelica root while infusing Japanese botanicals. Some of these botanicals used in gin production include yuzu, sakura flowers and leaves, sansho pepper and green tea.

Absolutely! Japanese gin opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to cocktails. One of the all time gin cocktails is the Sakura Martini. It's a blend of gin, vermouth and lemon, with the added touch of sakura flowers. Another timeless classic is the Green Tea G&T, which adds brewed tea and a hint of lemon juice to give a unique twist to the traditional G&T. Don't forget to try out other remarkable Japanese gin cocktails, like the Yuzu Gin Sour, Shochu Highball and the famous Ginza Sunset cocktail.

What's the best way to enjoy Japanese gin?

Opt for a combination of gin and tonic water, allowing the delicate flavors of the gin to shine through without overpowering them. One timeless option is a gin and tonic garnished with thyme and green apple providing a delightful way to enjoy Japanese gin. Alternatively, you can explore the essence of gin in a cocktail like the Yuzu Gin Sour. Don't forget to use high quality mixers to appreciate the nuances of your gin.

How does the taste of Japanese gin compare to traditional London Dry gin?

Japanese gin offers a nuanced and floral taste experience compared to London Dry Gin, which often leans towards a flavor. The lower prominence of juniper in gin creates an understated fragrance and a refreshing pleasurable palate. The use of a variety of botanicals in gin adds depth and complexity to the drink making it an excellent choice for those seeking something distinctive and thrilling.

Best Japanese Gin Brands

1. Roku Gin

This particular gin is crafted by incorporating six botanicals such as sakura flower, yuzu peel and sencha tea resulting in a delightful fruity and floral taste. The name "Roku" signifies the number six, symbolizing the six botanicals utilized in its creation. Roku Gin is highly recommended to experience the essence of this gin by savoring it in a classic Gin and Tonic cocktail that truly highlights the distinctive flavors of these botanical ingredients.

2. Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin

Ki No Bi is well known for its techniques in crafting gin and incorporating botanicals into their blend. Additionally they offer a barrel variation that enhances the drinks intricacy. The palate is left with a sensation accompanied by notes of juniper, pine needles and green tea.

3. Nikka Coffey Gin

Nikka Coffey Gin stands out due to its manufacturing process which involves a Coffey still typically reserved for whiskey production. What sets this gin apart is its exceptional flavor profile incorporating the essence of citrus fruits. The outcome is a gin that boasts an pronounced citrus taste making it an ideal choice for crafting citrus based cocktails.

4. Etsu Gin

Etsu Gin is a crafted gin from Japan that embraces traditional methods. What sets it apart is its taste which is derived from the infusion of botanicals such as tea, sansho pepper and Japanese citrus fruits. If you appreciate gins with flavor profiles that blend spicy notes seamlessly. Etsu Gin is an exceptional option offering a delightfully smooth finish.

5. Kyoto Distillery Ki No Tea Gin

Ki No Tea Gin is a one of a kind creation by Kyoto Distillery that brings together the flavors of gin botanicals and premium tea leaves. This exquisite blend results in a beverage that beautifully balances the essence of juniper and the subtle infusion of tea. Its exceptional character makes it an excellent option for crafting a cocktail.

6. Sakurao Gin

This particular gin is crafted in Hiroshima. Features a blend of elements such, as green tea, citrus and even a touch of oysters. The taste is rich and unique with the oysters imparting a hint of brininess to the beverage. Sakurao Gin is a choice for gin enthusiasts seeking a gin with a flavor profile.


The finest Japanese gin brands infuse botanicals with a Japanese touch resulting in flavors that are both delightful and extraordinary. Whether you consider yourself a gin enthusiast or are just beginning to explore the world of gin be sure to give these 6 Japanese gin brands a try for a drinking adventure.

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