Which peanut butter whiskey is the best?

picture of different whiskey bottles stacked up on a purple cover

Grab a glass and settle in because we're about to embark on a delicious journey through the world of peanut butter whiskey.

I mean, who would've thought? Peanut butter and whiskey?

But trust me, it's like the cozy sweater of spirits, perfect for those nights when you want something a bit different.

1. Skatterbrain

This one's like the Swiss Army knife of peanut butter whiskeys – so versatile! Imagine sipping it neat, or jazzing up your Old Fashioned with its creamy peanut butter goodness. It's like a comforting hug in a glass.

2. Sheep Dog

Sheep Dog is like a delightful surprise party for your taste buds. This whiskey has a subtle peanut butter hint with a dash of saltiness and a whisper of vanilla. It's smooth, complex, and oh-so-sippable.

3. Skrewball

Skrewball is the talk of the town, and for good reason. It's a hit among whiskey aficionados and peanut butter enthusiasts alike. The balance of peanut butter with oak and vanilla notes? Chef's kiss! It's the secret ingredient your cocktails have been missing.

4. Hard Truth

Dive into Hard Truth for an adventurous twist. With its bold peanut butter flavor and a smoky backdrop, it's like a thrilling culinary escapade in a bottle.

5. Ole Smoky

Ole Smoky is where smooth meets nutty. It’s perfect for those who love to explore flavors with gusto. Add it to your favorite classic cocktail, and watch the magic happen.

6. Sqrrl

The bottle design of Sqrrl alone is a conversation starter! It's a sweet and nutty delight, with a hint of smokiness that adds an extra layer of intrigue.

7. Barrel & Banter

Barrel & Banter is a flavor fiesta! It's a beautiful dance of cinnamon, vanilla, and oak with peanut butter. Each sip is like a well-composed symphony.

8. Blind Squirrel

Blind Squirrel is for those who love their whiskey straightforward yet sweet. It's a no-fuss choice, perfect for mixing and enjoying those sweeter moments in life.

9. Coastal Creek

Coastal Creek is the robust choice with a proof that packs a punch. It's like the daring adventurer of peanut butter whiskeys, bold and unapologetic.

10. Two Trees

Two Trees offers a creamy, smoky flavor profile. It’s a wonderful choice for those who prefer their whiskey with a subtle kick and a smooth finish.

11. Bird Dog

Bird Dog is the harmonious blend of whiskey and peanut butter. It’s like a melodious tune for your palate, and it’s award-winning for a reason!

12. PB&W

Last but not least, PB&W is a luxurious affair. It combines three peanut flavors for a rich, creamy experience. It's the grand finale to our peanut butter whiskey tour.


Wondering how to enjoy these?

Neat, on the rocks, or mixed in a cocktail.

What is the alcohol content of these whiskeys?

They generally hover around 35-40% ABV (70-80 proof).

Are peanut butter whiskeys gluten free?

Most peanut butter whiskeys are gluten-free, but always double-check the label.

Happy sipping! 🥃🍪