What all are the best peppermint tea options? πŸƒπŸ΅

What all are the best peppermint tea options? πŸƒπŸ΅

Peppermint tea is just not just a beverage; it's a little escape in a cup. I've been on variety of tea drinking missions, sipping my way through heaps of peppermint teas, and I've got some real gems to share with you.

1. Mystic Mint from Tea Runner Teas 

Ever dreamt of a peppermint tea that's like a cool breeze on a summer day? Mystic Mint is just that! This isn't your run-of-the-mill peppermint tea. It's like a hug in a cup, with a sweetness that lingers and a freshness that revives. Imagine sitting in a garden, surrounded by mint leaves – that's the vibe Mystic Mint gives off. It's all about quality here. Those hand-picked leaves are the real deal, packing a flavor that's 10/10.

2. Harney and Sons 

Now, let's talk about a classic – Harney and Sons Peppermint Tea. This one's for the purists. It's peppermint, plain and simple, but oh-so-satisfying. Bold, invigorating, and perfect for when you need that midday pick-me-up.  Hot or iced, with a snack or solo, this tea is always a great choice.

3. Spirit Tea's Herbal Blend

Spirit Tea's Herbal Blend is like a melody of flavors. It's not just peppermint; it's a dance of Peppermint, Hibiscus Flowers, Rose Hips, Lemon Grass, and Chamomile. Each sip is a new note – first minty, then floral, and always soothing. It's like a spa day in a cup, perfect for those "me time" moments.

4. Tealyra Peppermint Absolute

And lastly, Tealyra's Peppermint Absolute. This one is a showstopper. This tea is bold and freshing. The taste? Like a peppermint explosion, in the best way possible.

Each of these brings something special to the table. If I have to choose one out of these, my personal favorite peppermint tea would be Harney and Sons.