10 Best Shaoxing Wine Brands To Try Right Now

10 Best Shaoxing Wine Brands To Try Right Now

Shaoxing wine has gained recognition, for its taste and aroma. This traditional rice wine holds a history that dates back to times and carries immense importance in Chinese culture and cuisine. The production method involves fermenting rice resulting in varieties of Shaoxing wine each with its unique qualities and flavors. In this blog post we will explore 10 brands of Shaoxing wine available today helping you make the selection for your upcoming dining experience.

What is Shaoxing wine, and where is it produced?

Shaoxing wine, a rice wine variety, originates from the town of Shaoxing in Zhejiang province Chinas region. This wine is created by fermenting rice with a yeast called "Jiuqu". The production methods of Shaoxing wine differ with some types being aged for as long as 50 years. Thanks to its fermentation process the wine boasts an array of flavors and carries a unique aroma.

How does Shaoxing wine taste?

Shaoxing wine offers an intricate taste profile, characterized by its sweetness, savoriness and hints of nuttiness. This wine is commonly employed in cooking to elevate the flavors of stir fries, marinades and sauces. It possesses a fragrance that is occasionally likened to that of soy sauce.

Nevertheless the specific flavors and aromas can vary depending on the type of Shaoxing wine used. Variations in the fermentation process and aging contribute to some varieties having a taste and aroma compared to others.

Our Recommendation for Best Shaoxing Wine Brands

1 .Luzhou Laojiao

If you're just getting into Shaoxing wine, Huadiao Shaoxing Wine is an option to begin with. It has a dry taste with a touch of sweetness which makes it versatile enough to go with many different dishes. To ensure a flavor and quality it's important to choose brand like Luzhou Laojiao or or Pagoda.

2 .Kui Hua Chen Chiew

Jiafan Shaoxing wine is renowned for its subtly sweet flavor making it a beloved choice among wine enthusiasts. Its versatility allows it to complement a range of dishes. If you're in search of a top notch Jiafan wine brand we suggest giving Kui Hua Chen Chiew a try. It has gained fame for its quality.

3. Hengshun

If you're looking to splurge on a top tier Shaoxing wine, Nu'erhong would be your pick. This particular wine type is often matured for a number of years resulting in a taste profile featuring hints of dried fruits, caramel and spices. Hengshun stands as a regarded brand renowned for crafting Nu'erhong wines making it the perfect option for an exquisite dining occasion.

4. Gu Yue Long Shan

Zhuangyuanhong Shaoxing Wine is considered the finest. Has been given the title of "Emperor of Shaoxing Wine". It is renowned for its flavor, delightful fragrance and lingering aftertaste which makes it a beloved choice, among wine enthusiasts. If you're seeking a brand that consistently produces Zhuangyuanhong wine, Gu Yue Long Shan is widely recognized in the market.

5. Fen Jiu

The Fen Jiu Group is responsible for crafting this wine brand. This wine undergoes an aging process, which gives it an intricate flavor profile. Their product is truly exceptional in terms of quality. It is highly regarded for its velvety texture and lingering aftertaste making it a top pick among connoisseurs of wine. You definitely shouldn't pass up the opportunity to give it a try.

6. Gubei

Gubei is a brand that provides a variety of Shaoxing wines including some selections. Their wines are known for their sweetness and rich flavors. What makes Gubei stand out from brands is their commitment to using brewing methods and paying meticulous attention to every detail. Gubei's Shaoxing wine pairs well with red meat dishes and spicy cuisine.

7. Xian Heng

Xian Heng stands out as a high quality brand with a reputation for its commitment to techniques and meticulousness. Their Shaoxing wines possess a balance which often appeals to wine enthusiasts. Whether its for gifting purposes or enjoying alongside your takeout meal at home a bottle of Xian Heng Shaoxing wine proves to be an excellent choice for any wine lover.

8. Kuaiji Shan

This brand is made in the Kuaiji Mountain area, which gives it a touch, with earthy and herbal flavors. Among Shaoxing wines, Kuaiji Mountain Shaoxing wine stands out for its taste. It goes well with a variety of dishes, like soups, stews and grilled meat making it a versatile choice.

9. Rice Flower Shaoxing Wine

Rice Flower represents a type of Shaoxing wine that stands out for its floral and fruity scent. It offers an alternative in comparison to varieties making it an excellent complement to seafood dishes. Moreover individuals who are new to Shaoxing wine and prefer an milder taste will find this wine particularly appealing.

10. Aged Shaoxing Wine

Although there isn't a brand mentioned there are Shaoxing wines that undergo decades of aging leading to a unique and exceptional experience. You can discover these wines in wine stores or auctions making them ideal, for occasions. Through the aging process the wine develops a flavorful taste perfectly complementing traditional Chinese dishes such as braised pork belly or drunken chicken.

How should I choose a Shaoxing wine for different occasions or dishes?

When it comes to selecting a Shaoxing wine there are a factors to take into account like the kind, age and flavor profile. If you're using it for cooking purposes any type of Shaoxing wine will do. However if you're planning on enjoying it as a drink you might want to consider choosing a variety based on the occasion or the dish you have in mind.

For instance if you're looking to pair Shaoxing wine with seafood or light dishes opting for a variety would be ideal. On the hand if you intend to serve Shaoxing wine as an aperitif, going for a drier and crisper option would be more suitable.


Picking the brand of Shaoxing wine is crucial for enhancing your dining experience. With numerous options available in the market it can feel overwhelming to make a decision. We trust that our guide on the Shaoxing wine brands has assisted you in narrowing down your choices and finding the one that suits your taste buds. Explore varieties and brands to discover a match that complements your dish and satisfies your palate.

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