7 Best Sloe Gin Brands To Try

Do you love gin? If yes, then you need to try its sweet, fruity cousin - sloe gin

7 Best Sloe Gin Brands To Try

With many Sloe gin brands available it can be challenging to decide which one to choose. In this article we will explore all there is to know about sloe gin. From its definition and production process, to the ways of savoring it. Additionally I have compiled a list of sloe gin brands that I have found the best in taste and mixability vise.

What is Sloe Gin?

Sloe gin is made by blending gin with the sloe berries. These berries (looks like plums) can be found in Europe and parts of Asia. They are harvested after the frost and in autumn they are steeped in gin along with a touch of sugar for months. The outcome of this process is a crimson hued spirit boasting an unmistakable sloe berry essence.

How are they different from regular gin?

Sloe gin is made from sloe berries resulting in a fruitier flavor profile. In contrast, traditional gin derives its taste from juniper berries. These berries gives traditional gin a piney essence. When it comes to alcohol content sloe gin tends to have a lower ABV. Sloe gin usually ranging between 20-30% as opposed to the standard 40% of gin.

What are Sloe Berries?

Sloe berries are a variety of plum that can be found on a shrub known as blackthorn. This offers a tangy and puckering flavor and later becomes balanced when mixed with sugar and alcohol. For centuries people have utilized sloe berries to create jams, syrups and sloe gin.

What does sloe gin taste like?

The taste of sloe gin is one of a kind and its hard to put into words. It has a flavor with a fruity and tangy taste of sloe berries. Some people compare it to a blend of blackcurrant and plum. This blend also has hints of almond and cinnamon. Unlike traditional gin, sloe gin is smoother and less intense.

Can these gins be mixed in any cocktails?

Definitely! Sloe gin is used as in cocktails such, as the Negroni, Clover Club and Aviation. It is also used in Bramble.

Our ranking list is follows, this is an unranked list on the basis of taste and how well it mixes.

1 . Plymouth

Plymouth's sloe gin is impressive. Their sloe gin has a balance of sweetness that enhances the fruity flavors. Choosing Plymouth for your sloe gin fix is a reliable option that any one would appreciate.

2. Sipsmith

Next up is Sipsmith Sloe Gin. It is a high quality gin that is made in a copper still and bursting with flavor. This brand offers a deep red attractive color that makes it stand out on your bar.

3. Greenhook Gin

If you're looking to explore beyond the realm of sloe gin, Greenhook Ginsmith's offers a one of a kind choice. Beach Plum Gin is crafted from gin and beach plums. It offers a fruity flavor and an amazing experience.

4. Hayman's

Hayman's is a brand that has been crafting gin for years. Their sloe gin is definitely worth a taste. It has a blend of fruity flavors with the right touch of sweetness. The harmony of flavors is impeccable which makes it an excellent choice.

5 . Bramley and Gage

Bramley and Gage, a UK-based distillery, is known for its commitment to use real fruit. Their Gin, also know as 6 O'clock Gin is made from handpicked berries. It offers an authentic taste of the English countryside.

6 . Warner's

Warner's is another British distillery that takes pride in using local ingredients. This brand infuses its gin with handpicked sloe berries.

7 . Journeyman Distillery

Bilberry Black Hearts Gin from Journeyman Distillery stands out due to its infusion of bilberries. So if you're seeking something unique I recommend giving this brand a try.