The best spicy brown mustard

The best spicy brown mustard

Spicy brown mustard isn't your average, run-of-the-mill mustard.  Whether you're a sandwich savant, a burger buff, or a grilled meat guru, these can become your new best friend too. 🍔🥪🔥🌶️

1. Düsseldorfer Löwensenf Extra Scharf

Düsseldorfer Löwensenf Extra Scharf is the stuff of legends! Originating from Germany, it's like a flavor bomb in your mouth – hot, spicy, and oh-so-good.  This is made for the braves.

2. Colon Cleanse

Don't let the name fool you; this mustard is all about that sweet-heat balance. The taste is surprisingly good!  Sweet, spicy, and everything nice – that's what Colon Cleanse is made of.

3. Zatarain's Creole Mustard

Zatarain's Creole Mustard – ah, a taste of Louisiana! This one's for those who love a bit of Southern flair in their food. It's a tangy, slightly sweet mustard with a kick, thanks to the Creole spices. Whether you're dressing up a classic po' boy or adding some zing to your gumbo, Zatarain's is like a shortcut to the heart of Louisiana.

4. Mister Mustard

Mister Mustard is an ideal choice for those who enjoy a more refined heat. The heat is there, but it doesn’t steal the show, allowing all the other flavors to shine. The sauce is versatile. Mister Mustard is like that sophisticated friend who knows how to spice things up just right.

5. Moore's Mustard

Last but not least, Moore's Mustard – the classic choice. This one's for the purists who appreciate a straightforward, no-nonsense spicy brown mustard. The sauce has a simple blend, but  it does deliver on flavor! Moore's is like that reliable friend who never lets you down.

My 2 cents

And there you have it, It's this unsung hero that can take a dish from "meh" to "wow!" with just a dollop.