What are the best store bought kimchi options?

What are the best store bought kimchi options?

Once you get a taste of these store-bought Kimchis, there's no turning back. They're not just jars of fermented cabbage; they're little explosions of flavor that can jazz up just about any meal. Let's dive into my absolute favorites.

1. Jongga Kimchi  

Jongga Kimchi  is a blend of spicy, sour, and a hint of sweet. I love how they stick to the traditional recipes, giving you that authentic Korean taste. Whether you're a kimchi newbie or a die-hard fan, Jongga's got you covered with their range from fiery to mild. The crunch is just right, and the spice level is also justified.

2. Hmart Kimchi 

Ever walked into an Hmart and felt like you've landed in kimchi paradise? Their range is incredible! Each variety is a new adventure, from the classic napa cabbage to the radish and cucumber kimchi. The fresh ingredients really shine through every bite. It's like a shortcut to Seoul in your kitchen!

3. Bibigo Kimchi 

Bibigo is the cool kid on the block, giving traditional kimchi a modern makeover. Their kimchi is perfect for those who appreciate the classic kimchi vibe but are eager to try something a tad different.

4 . Cleveland Classic Kimchi 

Now, for something a little out of the ordinary, Cleveland Classic Kimchi is your jam. They throw in ingredients like garlic, mustard greens, and apple, creating this amazing sweet and tangy melody. It's not just kimchi; it's a flavor adventure. Every jar is a surprise - sour, spicy, and umami, all in perfect harmony.

The world of store-bought kimchi is a treasure trove of flavors waiting to be explored, so what are you waiting for?