The best sunflower seeds

The best sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are the unsung heroes of snack time, especially in the world of baseball.​ With a sea of flavors and brands, choosing the perfect bag can feel like a major league decision. But fear not, we've crunched our way through the options to bring you the scoop on the best of the best sunflower seed brands!

1. David's Seeds

Their Original flavor is classic, dependable, and oh-so-satisfying. Every seed offers a meaty crunch that keeps you reaching back into the bag. And let's talk about their range – from Cracked Pepper to BBQ Jumbo, David's hits it out of the park with flavors that are both bold and balanced, never leaving your mouth feeling like you've just licked sandpaper.

2. Bigs

Then, there's Bigs Sunflower Seeds, my personal favorite. They have some really good flavors like Sizzlin' Bacon and Buffalo Wing. Their seeds are like a flavor carnival, and the size is perfect for a satisfying crunch.

3. Giants Dill Pickle

Can't forget Giants Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds. If you're a fan of pickles (and who isn't?), these seeds are your jam. They have a tangy, briny flavor which is a spot-on.

4. Giants and Spitz

Giants' Cracked Pepper is the perfect blend of spice and savory, while Spitz's Spicy Sweet Chili is a favorite among the younger crowd for its sweet heat.

5. Copenhagen Wintergreen

While Copenhagen is primarily known for their chewing tobacco products, they also offer a unique sunflower seed flavor that is worth mentioning. These Sunflower Seeds have a refreshing flavor. Their flavor is loved by many and provides a refreshing break from the typical savory and spicy options.

My 2 cents

These brands offer high quality seeds with flavors that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you prefer tastes or enjoy exploring bold combinations rest assured that these sunflower seed brands will satisfy your cravings.