What are the best sweet tea vodka options?

a cocktail made with sweet vodka

Imagine lounging on your porch, a balmy breeze in the air, sipping on something that's just the right mix of kick and comfort – that's sweet tea vodka for you. It's like a little southern hug in a glass, blending the boldness of vodka with the homey sweetness of tea. Perfect for those long summer days or a chill hangout with your pals.

Alright, let's dive into the crème de la crème of sweet tea vodka brands. These aren't just any brands; they're the ones that'll make you say, "Wow, that's some good stuff!"

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

Ah, Firefly! This one's like the godfather of sweet tea vodka. Born in South Carolina, it’s got that authentic southern vibe. It's smooth, a bit sweet, and feels just right on a lazy afternoon. Mix it with lemonade, and you've got yourself an Arnold Palmer that dances on your taste buds.

Burnett's Vodka

Now, Burnett's is for those who like their spirits refined. They quadruple distill their vodka, and you can tell – it’s smooth as silk. It’s more about the sweet tea 'essence' rather than being too literal. Mix it with some sparkling lemonade, and you’ve got a refreshing cocktail perfect for any gathering.

Sweet Carolina

This one's straightforward – no frills, just good old sweet tea and vodka. It's sweet but not overpowering. If you're into experimenting, they’ve got flavors like mint, peach, and raspberry. It’s like a sweet tea rainbow waiting to be explored!

Deep Eddy

Here's a twist – Deep Eddy uses honey instead of regular sugar. This gives it a unique, slightly floral taste. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the finer notes in their spirits. Enjoy it on the rocks, and let the subtle flavors take you on a journey.

Jeremiah Weed

Jeremiah Weed's got that down-home, brewed-in-your-aunt's-kitchen kind of feel. It's like nostalgia in a glass – sweet, familiar, and oh-so-comforting. Perfect for reliving those family reunion memories.


Seagram’s is all about quality. This one is syrupy sweet and perfect for sipping straight or mixing into a cocktail. It's a no-fuss, easy-going spirit that’s ideal for those warm summer nights under the stars

Southern Edge

This is a tribute to southern heritage. It's got a bit of an earthy tone, smooth, and guess what – it’s gluten-free! Pour it over ice with some lemon and water, and you’ve got yourself a southern classic.


Last but not least, Mothers is like the warm, welcoming hug of sweet tea vodkas. It's well-crafted, smooth, and has a richness that sets it apart. Enjoy it however you like – neat, on the rocks, or as a mixer.

My 2 cents?

Sweet tea vodka is not just a drink; it’s an experience. It’s about finding that perfect balance of spirit and sweetness. Cheers! 🍹✨