The best vegan tuna

The best vegan tuna

Are you a vegan who longs for the taste of tuna? Well you're, in for a treat! Thanks to the progress made in plant based meat substitutes you can now savor the flavors and textures of tuna without causing harm to life. In this article we will explore some of the better brands for vegan tuna that're available in the market.   

1. Future Tuna

Future Tuna has brought about a revolution in the vegan tuna market with their delectable creation. Crafted from a blend of soy and seaweed Future Tuna offers a texture and flavor that closely mimics its counterpart. Whether you're craving a tuna salad or an appetizing tuna melt, Future's Tuna delivers on both taste and versatility. Moreover it is rich in omega 3s, like tuna providing all the essential nutrients without harming our precious oceans.

2. Nestle

Nestle, food industry leader has ventured into the realm of vegan tunas, with their plant based alternative. Their vegan tuna is made by blending plant proteins, like soy and wheat along with a careful selection of spices and seasonings. Whether you're using it to make sushi rolls, pasta dishes or enjoying it from the can Nestle's vegan tuna provides versatility and great taste.

3. Loma Linda

Another trusted name in the vegan food industry is Loma Linda. Their vegan tuna is crafted using plant based proteins such as soy and wheat resulting in an flaky texture that closely resembles canned tuna. Loma Linda's vegan tuna is perfect for sandwiches salads or any recipe requiring that classic taste of tuna.

My 2 cents

These vegan tuna alternatives invite us to explore and reinvent our favorite recipes, all while doing our bit for the planet. It's a win-win for our taste buds and the environment. Go and grab any of them.